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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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@ @ this is the hour where we @typically start to see school @districts making those @decisions. @will we delay? @will we close? @we'll pass it along. @we'll verbally say them as much @as possible. @i know many of you are @listening as you getting your @morning you teens under way. @you're all under a winter @weather advisory until noon @today. @we have the lake effect snow @for lake counties. @that extends into tomorrow. @we're going to be talking more @about that. @you can see all the snow moving @through the region. @this is equal opportunity snow.
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@some way, shape, or form. @some areas are getting heavy @bursts of moderate snow at this @time. @greg, combine that with the @blustery conditions, it's @pretty tough travel this @morning. @>> it is. @low visibility with some of @those big flakes falling in @spots. @let's take you through the @morning, break down the timing. @here is what to expect again. @it is the timing we're most @concerned about this morning. @we'll start you off at 6:00 @this morning. @notice the heavier bands may be @setting up to the west of @cleveland. @as we go through 8:00, the @heavier bands start to shift @toward the east. @that's because this is our @arctic front that will be @moving in. @as it approaches cleveland out @ahead of it, you're going to @get these snowstorms over @toward lake county. @temperatures in the 20s. @by the evening commute, things @are looking better. @that front starts to clear out. @may even get some breaks of @sunshine throughout the
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@flurries, and part two of this @system starts tonight. @at first w a west-northwest @wind, this lake snow is going @to fire up around cleveland. @the east side of cleveland, you @can see a burst of snow. @with that, it will shift up to @lake shore as we go in through @the overnight with temperatures @down into the single digits. @now a check on your roadways @with danielle. @>> you talked about seeing the @heavy snow, forecasting it at @8:00 a.m. @a number of people have to be @at work at 8:00 a.m. @that hour is going to be tough. @please give yourself extra @time. @i know we're going to sound @like a broken record. @everyone is dealing with the @snow. @it's going to be a slow and @snowy commute. @look at west wasser loo road. @you see the -- waterloo road. @you're going to have to slow @down. @look at this picture in summit
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@as you can see, same picture, @not really cleared, so this @means that you want to give @yourself extra time because the @posted speed limits may not be @safe to travel at both speeds. @ a deadly house explosion @rock as neighborhood. @this morn we're getting new @killed. @>> tiffany tarpley joins us @where investigators have been @sifting through the rubble all @night. @>> lynna and john, @investigators just came out @here within the last half hour @or so. @the fire investigator @investigators, there were hot @spots they needed to put out. @as you said, all four people @inside of this home. @that includes a man and woman @and two young children. @i've learned this morning that @state investigators are @expected out here a little @later today. @let's take you to last night. @it was around 8:30 last night
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@i'm told that the back end of @the home just basically that's @what exploded here. @we know that around that time @dominion gas came back out here @on scene as well. @i also reached out to the @summit county medical @examiner's office. @anything they're going to be @releasing this morning. @i'm told they need to reach @back out to them. @i will do that here within the @next half hour. @i will let you know if i get @any new updates for this @situation. @we're here live in summit @county. @tiffany tarpley, channel 3 @news. @>> all right. @our other big story, which @continues to fall on the east @side of cleveland this morning, @adding on to yesterday's @totals. @>> we have a team of reporters. @they're driving the conditions @before you hit the streets. @right now, let's start with
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@>> you're seeing right now this @is 90 west. @really, you can't really see @much. @they did a pretty good job on @90. @all morning we've been off and @on 90. @that's been the best highway to @be on. @we're feeling the wind pick up. @it's shifting us back and @forth. @other than that, the roads look @pretty good here. @271 south and north has been @about the worst we've seen. @two at times can get down to @one lane. @times it's hard to tell what @lane you're in and what lane is @actually there. @90, if that's what you're @271. @that seems to be the worst @parts, but we're going to head @back here and see if things @snow falling. @everywhere we've been, it's @light. @hour. @will will.
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@exactly where you are. @>> holly was warning us for @days, everyone gets involved in @this event. @it's not just east side. @let's see how things are on the @west side. @>> mo is there. @how is it looking? @>> west side, we usually don't @get snow, right? @>> i'm right along i-90. @odot trucks have been out here @all night. @we have seen a lot of crews @plowing i-90. @it's moving pretty well. @if you're one of those people @who get into work early. @you can sit down and have a cup @of coffee and have extra @points, you're good. @there's another city crew. @that's a city crew. @that's plowing more that runs @right along i-90. @we have seen this truck go back @here. @now, the problem is, if you @look at the road, if you can @show the road, he's gone up and @down here a couple of times. @that's as low as he's getting. @if you're headed out on the @side streets and you're taking
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@avoid i-90, you're still going @to run into some snow on the @roads, some icy conditions. @there's a little bit of ice @that's packed down underneath @there. @it's going to be a little bit @of a slow go. @as far as we can tell on i-90. @people are moving pretty well. @like i said, if you can get out @there and get to work a little @early and score some browning @points with your -- brownie @points with your poses, this is @it otherwise. @enjoy that commute as much as @possible. @so far, be an early riser and @get out there. @>> sounds great,, mo. @keep it right here for all the @latest in closings and delays @with our eye alert system. @already big closings. @indian valley schools.
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@ banning pit bulls, the @local city making the @controversial vote. @that story is coming up. @>> president obama's final @state of the union address. @we'll have the big issues he's @expected to tackle. @that's in a live report from @washington.
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@ @ all right. @5:11 on i-90, you see the snow @still flying around. @odot says it's fully staffed @and ready to handle this blast.
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@sure the roads stay clear. @them along. @for today. @the list is growing as the @superintendents and school @officials are out checking out @the conditions. @i imagine we're going to get @more, especially delays coming @up in this hour. @>> okay. @tonight is problem's final @>> yep. @the white house is promising it @will be different than the list @of priorities he usually lays @out for congress. @tracy potts is live with a @preview. @>> good morning, everyone. @we'll hear some of that, things @like the trans pacific trade @partnership and criminal @justice reform. @most of this speech the white @house says is going to be about @the big picture, the president @talking about his @accomplishments, things like @obama care and the iran nuclear @deal. @also talking quite a bit, we're @told, about the future. @where the united states is and
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@where we need to be and where @we need to go. @the president released another @preview video about what he @wants to say tonight. @as he addresses congress @tonight for the 8th time, his @8th 8th address before @congress, he's also expected to @talk about a number of things @that maybe congress might @actually be able to get done @tonight. @now, another video is out on @you tube tonight as well, as @far as paul ryan emphasizing @this is the last state of the @union for president obama. @nikki haley is going to be @delivering the republican @address five minutes before the @president leaves the chamber. @they're not calling it a @specific response to the state @of the union tonight. @john and lynna? @>> we'll see how much of it is @a passing of the baton speech.
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@closings. @some opting for delays this @morning. @combination for sure. @dover, new philadelphia, east @and west holmes are closed. @if you're just tuning in, those @districts. @we'll keep you updated. @greg is tracking hour by hour. @>> that's right. @>> we'll start with an overview @of the day and a live look @outside, which is pretty @similar to what a lot of you @are looking at out your own @windows too. @down. @we've been saying that equal @student snow, this is not just @limited to the east side. @we've had a lot of lake effect. @we're going to get more of that @later today. @at the bus stop, temperatures @20s but feeling more like teen @this is morning. @by later today, it's going to @be zero and below as things @become more blustery behind the @arctic front. @it's 5:14 right now. @and a very snowy morning @commute. @it means you need patience and @extra time.
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@the high end. @those in the east will see @amounts that are even higher @than that. @the wind chills approaching @zero and below later today. @the plan is going to be 20s and @falling backwards. @upper teens later. @morning. @by 9:00, it should start to @wind down a little bit from the @front moving through and lake @behind it. @so cleveland and areas east @will be seeing that. @greg is going to be tracking @that here in just a moment. @you're all under a winter @weather advisory. @and that's through noon today. @it includes every single one of @you. @yes, you in akron, you in @canton, those in elyria and @lorraine, you're included. @now, these go until tomorrow @morning. @we're thinking tonight into @tomorrow we'll be dealing with @additional snow with the lake @effect. @you can see that it is pretty @widespread at this point. @we're getting bursts of heavier @and moderate snow.
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@facebook and twitter. @they're helpful and allow us to @pass on valuable information as @you're all getting ready to @head out on your morning drive. @as we look here to the east @side, i mean, really, it is a @very heavy snow that's been the @theme. @moderate along 44. @we're definitely seeing that @snow come down at a pretty good @clip. @so be careful. @>> greg has more. @>> snow is falling right in the @middle of the commute. @that's the big problem we're @talking about this morning. @here's 7:00. @you see the snow continuing. @this is the western edge. @it will pass through @northeastern ohio. @let's show you the map. @as we go through the commute. @there's 9:00. @by then, the heaviest snow will @be shifting to the east of @downtown cleveland. @notice the dark blue band. @ashtabula, akron, canton, just
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@holmes county, this is going to @be a real heavy burst just @ahead of the cold front. @that clears out by midday. @we'll see a couple of scattered @flurries, maybe even sun breaks @in the afternoon. @we'll see temperatures falling. @we'll see temperatures around @freezing this morning. @after 7:00, after the evening @commute, watch the snow band @set up later on tonight. @that's the lake snow. @i would not be surprised to see @cuyahoga county added to the @lake snow advisory later on @this afternoon for the evening @and overnight. @that continues through midnight @with the heavier snow band @shifting into ashtabula @overnight. @just this morning we era @looking at one to three issues. @it's the timing that's the @issue, but it's really the @overnight snow, the lake snow @that's of a bigger concern. @look at this. @we're including portions of @keuchel here.
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@heights, mayfield, you could @see 2-4 inches of snow with @heavier elevations. @ashtabula and southern lake @counties, as much as 6 inches. @>> central catholic just closed @for today. @remember, our just in tab @flashes in red, if you happen @to be looking at your tv. @we'll try to say these closings @as much as we can for your @convenience. @we have blustery snow weather @today. @greg is following up with @what's happening now. @it's not so much the snow. @it's the timing of it. @this is such a busy, busy time @of day for you. @make sure you're bringing a lot @of patience. @as you head to work, it's going @to take extra patience. @tomorrow, we're forecasting @snow and chances throughout the @week. @things will warm up briefly
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@headed into the second part of @the weekend and early next @week. @it is 5:18. @let's get a check on your @commute with dani. @it's going to be a messy one. @>> 10 to 15 minutes ago, we @spoke to maureen kyle. @she said she's headed on 90 on @the west side. @here is what she can expect to @see at west lake at colombia @road. @as you can see, it's a pretty @easy commute there at 5:19. @we're not seeing any big @slowdowns on the west side. @in fact, we're not seeing big @slowdowns at all, but, again, @as the more snow comes down and @more people hit the roads, you @do want to give yourself extra @time. @i know 77 in akron and @arlington is a busy commute @spot. @here is is a picture of what it @looks like right now. @we're all seeing wet roads and @in some portion snow covered @roads. @you want to be prepared to slow @down and watch out for those @accidents. @right now, i'm not tracking any
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@those of you who travel 77, @it's a five-minute commute @headed north and south. @if you travel between canton @and akron, 18 minutes headed @north and 19 minutes headed @south. @those are normal drive times, @john. @>> speeds are still up there @with all this. @all right. @dani, thank you. @ the future of pit bulls in @shaker heights could come down @to city council tonight. @those who own pit bulls and @others right now labeled as @vicious will be able to keep @them if they're registered for @a $20 fee. @council is taking actions after @a grandmother was mauled to @death by a pit bull. @ gunman stormed a mall after @setting off a car bomb and
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@iraqi officials say it was @mainly in the shiite section. @ how would you like to come @out to your car and it looks @like this. @this is courtesy of lake erie @in buffalo. @the waves sploshed waves -- @splashed up over the rails. @>> throw in sub zero @temperatures and it was coated @in several inches of ice. @>> now, if that one car starts, @that's the best car battery in @the world, and we should all @buy that. @>> endorsements are coming. @>> there will be a commercial @for that. @still ahead, cleveland fashion @week is just a few months away. @we're getting a sneak peek at @what we can expect in may. @more on what is ahead for the @fashion world, next. @ bellevue city schools have @now closed for the day. @we'll have the delays first at
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@snow is really coming down
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@ @. @>> @ okay. @when you think of fashion week, @yeah, you possibly of new york @city or los angeles. @what about cleveland? @well, fashion week cleveland @claims to actually be the third @biggest fashion week in the @u.s. behind new york city and @l.a. @we got a sneak peek of what to @expect of the annual show @coming up in may at a preview @runway show. @cleveland's fashion week is may @1st through may 7th. @>> there you go. @>> yep. @>> now, the proper fashion for @today, you don't really see @much of the person you're @walking by. @you're bundling up. @>> hi, holly. @>> yes, bundle it up. @it's really blustery.
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@throughout the day as we're @talking about temperatures @falling, plus wind chills will @end up being below zero. @we've got winter weather @advisories in place. @it's a messy morning drive. @greg and i are tracking it for @you. @numerous closings and delays on @i alert. @we're trying to tweet them out @and say them as much as we can @for your convenience. @upper teens by this evening. @it's going to feel like zero @and five below when you factor @in the winds. @we're planning on the snows @this morning. @eventually lake effect snows @are behind this front. @we'll be tracking hour by hour. @we'll talk totals and all those @things coming up, guys. @ still ahead at 5:30, we @you. @most areas seeing snow for the @morning commute. @we'll check our crews east side @tiffany?
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@following a developing story @here out of summit county, @coming up, what we've learned
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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@ @. @ and we start your morning @rush as we work to get new @information on a deadly house @county. @i just got off the phone with @the medical examiner's office. @they tell me they have not @identified the victims. @it's unclear exactly how long @that might take. @but you can see what's left of @this home. @not much. @let's take you back to last @night when firefighters arrived @on scene. @they say there were heavy @flames shooting from this home. @it was around 8:30 this @happened in northfield center. @the explosion blew out the back
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@four people inside of this @home. @we're talking about two adults, @a man, woman, and children. @if you come back out here live, @you can see the cars in the @driveway here. @it brings t home there. @'s also -- brings it home. @there's also a play set in the @backyard. @we'll get you more information @will? @down here. @it looks better than when we @were on it earlier. @have cleared out. @wind. @you can really feel it on your @car as you're traveling here @this morning. @everything is really wet there. @'s place where is the snow @fall. @271 earlier, north and south, @very dicey in some spots, but @the way back down here from @where we were, it proves that @odot is doing a good job. @we'll continue to keep an eye @on it and let you know what @we're seeing. @>> always good to be mindful
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@they're working hard this @morning. @lake effect snow advisory for @ashtabula, geauga, lake, those @go through tomorrow. @the winter weather advisory @runs through tomorrow. @the snow is coming down. @it fluctuates from light to @moderate. @as we zoom in, you can pick out @the areas that are seeing the @heaviest snowfall. @toward loraine county, you can @see the show. @we have purple shades. @closings in places like philly @andover today. @they continue to come in. @it's a combination of delays @and closings. @make sure you're paying @attention. @mansfield delayed two hours. @port clinton schools are on a @two-hour delay. @some are coming in as just @closed. @on the east side, we have snow @flying through lake and geauga @county. @we're anticipating lake effect
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@front later on today. @greg is tracking it hour by @hour for you. @good morning. @>> good morning. @>> on the channel 3 app, right @at the top, you click on the @link, and the list comes in. @it is a long one this morning. @here's what we're tracking for @the snow this morning. @it's all about the timing, @folks. @5:30 into 6:00 and 7:00. @heavy snow bursts. @now on the west side, as holly @was showing you, that's moving @in to mansfield, all the way to @cleveland. @temperatures in the mid-20s. @8:00, still in the middle of @the commute. @the heaviest of snow right in @cleveland down toward medina, @akron, coming up on wooster. @then the front clears @everything out. @we get a break midday for @lunch, maybe breaks in the snow @flurries. @watch the temperatures really @fall into the event commute, @down into the teens for many of @you. @and then the lake snow starts
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@this could include portions of @evening. @that can be a burst after 6:00. @cleveland heights back over @toward garfield, and then the @things start to dry out as @north. @now the roadways with danielle. @5:33. @right now. @5:34, that doesn't mean you can @just speed out on the roads @because we're all dealing with @snow covered roads. @that means as more people hit @the roads, you're going to have @to slow down because traveling @at normal or posted speeds may @not be safe. @just take a look at this @picture on 71 at west 25th @street. @i don't want you to end up like @this person here where their @car has slid off the road where @you see emergency vehicles, and @it looks like police officers @are out there to help the @person get their car off there. @that's what we're expecting to @see this morning, a lot of @slide outs as people hit the
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@morning rush between the 6:00 @a.m. @and 9:00 a.m. @hours. @again, greg is forecasting -- @greg and holly -- heavier snow @in the 8:00 a.m. @hour. @right now, the drive time @between 71 north and 490, @that's normal. @that's normal. @don't let drive times that are @normal tell you to take time @and sleep in. @no. @give yourself extra time this @morning. @>> local schools closed today. @they continue to pile up here. @we saw the car that spun off in @dani's report. @let's see how the roads are @doing west side. @lake. @how is it looking there, mo? @>> reporter: well, the good @news is i'm still seeing @pavement on i-90. @we're right along i-90 between @detroit and columbia. @the westbound lane. @so, of course, this is traffic @headed away from downtown but @moving at very normal speeds as @far as we've seen so far.
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@taillights, that's eastbound. @those are the people headed @downtown. @i'm also seeing them moving at @pretty normal speeds. @we're seeing pavement. @odot crews have been keeping up @on the highways and keeping @them clear. @so far so good. @what dani was saying, if you @can get out there a little @earlier and avoid the 8:00 rush @hour by leaving earlier or @later, you're going to avoid @some of the rush. @now, where we're seeing some of @the snow coverage are these @side streets. @this is sperry road. @this is a road we've seen a @plow go up and down several @times. @this is as low as it was @getting. @so there's still some snow @coverage on some of those side @roads. @if you're on the west side, a @lot of you take lake in, take @detroit in. @you're going to see snow there. @just in terms of flakes, guys, @this is the biggest flakes i've @seen all morning. @we've seen those wispy flakes @so far. @it's just starting to get @bigger. @we'll keep an eye on things and
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@>> traffic is moving. @thanks, mo. @ services will be held for @k9jethro. @he passed away. @the suspect in the case is @facing multiple charges, @including assaulting and @harassing a police dog. @he's being held on $5 million @bond. @the service will be held on @thursday at noon at the canton @memorial civic center. @ police are still @investigating the human @skeletal remains found on an @akron sidewalk. @residents found a skull on the @sidewalk and a spine nearby on @friday afternoon. @a team of anthropologists in @erie pennsylvania is now @helping to evaluate the @remains. @experts say it will take some @time to figure out the race, @gender, and age of the victim. @ we're learning more about @the new lifestyle center @planned for orange village.
5:33 am
@testimony 1 and harvard road, @it will include luxury @apartments, hotel and office @space, whole foods will @relocate their chagrin road @store to pine crest. @that's set to open at 2017. @ president obama will @deliver his final state of the @tonight. @he'll speak about the economic @recovery, the need to reform @terrorism. @the white house says the @president will keep a seat @empty next to first lady @michelle obama to represent all @the victims of gun violence. @bernie sanders and ted cruz @will also attend the address. @also today, sergeant bowe @bergdahl will appear in court. @he faces charges of desertion @and misbehavior in front of the @enemy. @he was captured by the taliban @and held captive for nearly
5:34 am
@he was released in a prisoner @swap for detain knees in @guantanamo bay. @ new overnight, it's @reported that johnny manziel is @in danger of losing his @sponsorship with nike. @it's their biggest sponsor, @starting with him in 2014. @nike tells tmz sports that @they're on the fence about @dropping the qb and that @they're worried about him and @hopes he turns things around. @last week manziel was dropped @from lebron james' marketing @agency. @we should note that lebron's @marketing agency already had @plans sort of in the works to @disconnect with all other @athletes, mainly focus on @lebron's marketing projects. @>> right. @>> but manziel's antics @apparently sped the timetable @up. @>> with sponsorships, we see it @many times in sports, pardon @the expression, but it's a @snowball effect.
5:35 am
@on, you see the others trail @behind. @we'll see how it goes. @ the browns could be close @to making a head coach offer. @bengals coordinator hugh @jackson, that's next in sports. @ coming together to save a
5:36 am
@ @ 5:42 right now. @a live look at i-90 in euclid @where the snow continues to @fly. @i alert is up and running. @a couple new closings coming @in. @ashland city schools closed. @sandusky on a two-hour delay @this morning. @they're opting to do that. @south central local schools are @closed in huron county. @we'll keep you posted. @ the tremont restaurant @community wants to help chef @simon bounce back. @>> fire badly damaged one of @his restaurants, lolita. @they're in the process of @planning a benefit dinner for @him and offering his employees @temporary work. @chef rocco wayland said he's
5:37 am
@help out. @>> all the other chefs and @owners in this neighborhood, @we're family. @we want to see michael open up @soon. @obviously it's going to be @bigger and better. @if there's one thing i can tell @you about michael simon, he @doesn't do anything short of @great. @>> he posted on facebook, @promising everyone that they @will be back strong. @>> of course we wish them the @best. @ browns may have their @choice for head coach, but the @question is will he want them. @they're looking at hugh @jackson. @they've interviewed seven @candidates, but it looks like @jackson is the front runner. @no offer yet. @jackson has interviewed with @the 49ers, and the giants want @to talk to him too. @this year the bengals were @seventh in scoring. @andy dalton had a big year. @he had the second highest @quarterback rating. @ rumors fly now, nick sabine
5:38 am
@would he ever want to leave @alabama. @the tide broke open the tie @when oj howard went 51 yards @for the touchdown. @bama wins it. @it was a shootout. @55-40. @fifth title for saban. @nick saban as the greatest @college coach of all time? @i will say yes. @it is hard to beat his era. @i think you can make a strong @ever. @the weather last night in @glendale, arizona looks pretty @good. @>> tri-way schools are on a two- @hour delay. @>> that's a combination. @>> that's right. @we're going to track it this @morning and talk about how much @we're thinking is behind this @front.
5:39 am
@more lake effect. @it's a two-part forecast. @snowy, i alerts at the bottom @of the screen. @ashland schools are showing a @two-hour delay. @sandusky central catholic is @delayed two hours today. @so we're trying to read them @off as they come in so you can @hear them as you're packing @lunches and getting breakfast @ready for the kids. @a general 2-4 inches. @the 4 is definitely on the high @end. @mainly those of you seeing a @heavy burst of snow through @this evening, blustery and wind @chills by later today will be @zero and below. @temperatures in the 20s as @you're waking up. @once the front pushes through, @it will become more scattered @and transition into a lake @effect snow. @we do have a winter weather @advisory in place for every @single one of you. @in addition to that, which goes @until noon, there's the lake @effect snow advisories from @ashtabula. @this goes through early
5:40 am
@and i were talking. @they won't be surprised if they @add to them as well. @you can see how snowy it is. @light to moderate bursts of @snow, it's so much about the @timing as opposed to how much @is actually on the surface. @because this is happening @during a very busy commute @time, so many of you are @getting ready to leave the @house, you look at the lake and @see some of the heavier snow @inland. @we're anticipating the next few @hours are going to be quite @messy for the drive. @greg has more as we look ahead. @>> the bursts that you're @tracking now are really the @issue. @you may be driving on an ok @area roadway. @suddenly the road comes from @clear to snow covered. @that's what future view is @indicating. @this is at 7:00 this morning. @just about everybody involved @in the snow there. @as we go through the morning, @9:00, the heaviest snow band
5:41 am
@toward ashtabula down toward @akron and canton. @the darker blues you're seeing @there, that's the heavier snow. @the cold front that will be @putting an end to the snow to @the west of 77 after 9:00. @we'll see things improve for @lunchtime. @snow showers, flurries, mixed @in with breaks of sun @throughout the afternoon. @look at these temperatures. @they're colder today than late @they are morning. @make sure you pack the heavier @jacket with you as you step out @the door. @watch this snow band. @this is going to start cuyahoga @county to the east. @i think we'll see accumulating @snow this evening on the east @side of cleveland. @271 beachland up toward the @hills. @that's going to shift toward @geauga and ashtabula counties. @there could be additional @accumulation. @let's take about this morning. @just like holly told you. @it's not the amounts. @it's the timing. @1-3 inches overall falling
5:42 am
@then tonight we pick up the @heavier stuff. @geauga, lake, the southern @elevations, we may see some of @the higher totals. @3-6 inches. @i would not be surprised to see @isolated higher amounts between @chagrin falls over toward @chardon. @we'll take a look at window @nation. @it's all about the snow today. @first, the snow from the actual @front and then the lake effect @behind it. @that will continue tonight into @your wednesday. @so it's going to be another @tricky day for those of you who @are east. @we'll stay chilly through the @east. @it gets cold enough through @early next week, at least you @know kids are off on monday. @mapleton schools are on a @delay. @those are all just in on i @alert. @much more on your forecast as @we continue to track really @closely this morning.
5:43 am
@it is also getting pretty @treacherous for us. @good morning, dani. @>> good morning. @i have an update on this stent @at west 25th -- accident at @west 25th street and 71 north. @this is the west 25th street @onramp to 71 north. @we already have a pinout here. @emergency crews are responding. @so make sure if you usually get @on 71 north at west 25th, that @you get over to the left so you @ac access the road. @we're hearing reports of a @number of spinouts. @we have one reported on 77 @northbound at waterloo road in @akron. @we also have an accident @reported at gilchrist road. @it looks pretty good between 43 @and 77 in terms of drive time. @14 minutes west and 15 minutes @east. @give yourself extra time so @you're not one of those people @who spin-off on the roads. @john and lynna, back to you. @>> dani, thank you.
5:44 am
@>> let's say hello to matt. @>> good morning. @we're making the number one @resolution in ohio a reality. @an entire gym for 33 bucks in @your home. @i'm going to explain. @first, over to holly. @>> we've got doggone weather @for you. @this is cleo. @he watches the snow every day @and thinks we're really funny. @that's what frank says. @frank otina in canton says cleo @watches and smiles. @thank you so much for sharing. @we needed that today. @5:51.
5:45 am
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don't fight your instincts! with each for 150 calories or less, p p try our lemon bars, brownies, and cheesecakes. t t fiber one. @ @all right. @time right now, 5:54. @we started your coverage. @this has been the picture the @entire time along i-90 and @euclid. @the i alerts at the bottom of @the screen, @they're on the cappen.
5:47 am
@-- they're on the app. @we have you covered. @ little ways to save time. @one bargain puts an end to all @those exercise excuses. @>> yeah. @you're getting us and our @wallets in shape. @>> who wants to go to the gym @right now in all that snow? @no one. @>> that would be a workout just @getting there. @>> it would. @and for so many of us, whether @it's a time constraint, cost @issue. @motivation issue. @today something that i actually @saw when i was reporting from @ces. @an entire gym in a bag for $33. @you can actually take it with @you. @take a look. @we're going to have a fitness @expert show you this in a @moment. @it's a set that includes @everything you need to mimic @significantly larger equipment @in a carrying case to the tune @of $33. @it's amazing. @i actually asked a fitness @expert to put it to the test. @>> being a trainer and having a @lot of clients on the go, maybe @can't get to the gym, prefer to @work out in their home or
5:48 am
@they can pack it up in this @bag. @you can do a ton of different @exercises with it. @you can change the weight. @you can get a good workout in. @the nice thing about this, it @replaces any bulky gym @equipment that you need. @if you want to do stuff at home @you, have to spend a lot of @money. @>> what's the key is this. @>> a $33 grab on @none of these are paid @products. @i may start going to the gym @based on that deal. @>> that's great. @>> i'm happy about that. @>> you too. @>> love you. @>> all right. @we'll send it over to holly. @>> thanks, guys. @we have snow coming down and @gym in the bag is the way to @go, matt. @we have plenty to talk about @here with the snow moving @through as we speak. @as we look ahead, the snow @moving through, we have lake @effect snows kicking behind it. @greg and i have you covered.
5:49 am
@how long all of this will stick @around. @details are up next in minutes. @ @>> all right. @coming up at 6:00, we're @continuing to monitor the road @conditions. @we're live on the east side and @west side as the snow continues @to fall this morning. @>> also, a tragic story out of @summit county. @tiffany is live in northfield @center where a house explosion @kills a family of four.
5:50 am
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